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Caps and Girdle System
What you see here is the only truly dedicated cap girdle combo in the world that at I am aware of for BB Mopars. What makes it different is that it will work with existing caps using the method of securing the girdle to the caps via an extra long main stud or using my new dedicated cap and using the outboard fasteners which I feel is a better way of securing the two. Benefits---First--- the caps are tied to the girdle without the use of the main studs and is a more secure and stable way to do it without putting the main stud into a double stretch. Second-- the caps are much larger and stronger than any cap available and will help with shock absorption. Three-- this design follows the main webbing and will encapsulate the block into four separate chambers. This will greatly reduce windage and the cyclone effect of. This is an old trick that high end racing motors have done for years F1 included. This in itself will be worth a substantial amount of HP on any high RPM application. Four-- this system is the only one that ties in the #5 main cap. Why don't the others, because they can't as the #5 main studs come up through into the pan rail area. we have made our dedicated cap fasten to the girdle by moving the fasteners forward of the pan rail for pan clearance. No one else can do this because no one else makes there caps and girdles together in one place. The caps will sit about .030 above the pan rail surface so that the final fitment is to surface grind the caps to the rail. Basically the machine shop will just kiss the pan rail so that there are no issues with the front cover.
On to the girdle. First thing you will notice is that the girdle is very thick 1/2" plated steel. "Yes you may have to extend your pickup big deal" And yes some of you may have to shim your motor mounts for pan clearance. But what you get is a much more refined girdle. We have counterbored the girdle so that the stud nuts secure the girdle directly to the pan rail with only silicone. This creates an incredibly stable and ridged foundation. No other production girdle offers this. Then the pan is secured only to the girdle. Why did we do this? Well look at all the other girdles, they secure themselves to the motor through the tin plate pan then through a gasket then through a tin windage tray then through a gasket then through the girdle then through another gasket. How stable can that be, it's like two pieces of bread with a bunch of peanut butter floating between each other--enough said. Other girdles work, no question but they are no where near optimal. Why don't others do this, simple they can't make the profit by doing all that extra machining to the girdle. They just water jet everything, plate it and send it out the door. Our process involves initial cutting then CNCing all the holes and counterbores. You know how tough silicone or "The Right Stuff" can be. The pan side of the girdle as shown has four screwdriver points to insure easy removal of pan without damage to pan or girdle. When removing the girdle from the block studs you just use the four threaded holes and use them as jack screws against the block pan rail "see picture". So there you have it, a girdle and cap system that is far superior to all others and an option to just purchase the caps or just the girdle.

Caps and Girdle system including all hardware - $799 Girdle system for those with OEM or aluminum caps  Including all  hardware are - $425  Girdle Caps by themselves - $399
Quality ARP hardware and with high quality craftsmanship throughout Pry points and threaded jack point built in for easy removal Pry points and threaded jack point built in for easy removal
Billet Seal retainer - $69 Kit installed on B 400 based engine